PT.Cemerlang Samudra Kontrindo (PT.CSK) was established at 1998, based on the spirit,commitment,ideas,vision & misions and strong determination from founders for realize the real participation of industrial growth in construction firm.

Since 1998, PT.CSK was began at jl.S. Parman gg Rustam no.57B Medan,Sumatera Utara. As growth of contruction, PT.CSK has inaugurate branch at Pekanbaru in 2005 and branch at Jakarta in 2009. PT.CSK has supported by experts,engineers and big client also government work.

Based on the RI Department of Justice Decision no: 02-22234 HT.01.01.th.98 and Certificate of Gapeksindo (Construction Services Development Board) Building (0212446), Civil Structures (0212447) , Mechanical Electrical (0131588). PT.Cemerlang Samudra Kontrindo (PT.CSK) is engaged in construction sector, include Infrastructure, Industrial Building, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation.

PT.CSK always make innovations in order to help the realization of good governance in Indonesia both locally and nationally scale, through various activities as a provider of construction services.

PT.CSK is also make priority of partnership whose are supported by practitioners as expert selection of qualified and experienced professionals in their field. PT.CSK is ready to cooperate with the agencies of non Departement RI Department, Local Government, and Private BUMN.

As knowledge and intelligent of Company has cooperated with the Central government, local governments, and private companies.